Engineering & Planning


Effective IMMEDIATELY the City of Tolleson will be requiring ALL submittals for plan review/permitting for all development projects, new and ongoing, to be submitted via the City’s interim electronic plan submittal system (except detached SF residential applications). Prior to making any submittals for plan review and/or construction permits please contact the City intake desk by email at They will provide detailed instructions on how submittals are to be handled electronically going forward. Thank you for your cooperation as the City transitions to a full electronic plan review – permitting process.

The Engineering & Planning Division is responsible for processing all land development projects through the City for approvals. Anyone who wants to develop land within the City of Tolleson is encouraged to contact the Engineering & Planning Division at .  The range of items the division can help with include:

Planning and Zoning

All requests for land use changes are processed initially by E&P. These requests include:

  • Rezoning a Parcel (including setting up a PAD).
  • Site Plans
  • Plats
  • Use Permits
  • Variance Requests

Applications for Planning & Zoning actions can be found using this link: zoning application.

All the actions noted above require City Council approval. After staff's review & recommendation for approval, the requests are forwarded to the P&Z Commission and ultimately to the Council. The P&Z Commission will hold a public hearing & may make a favorable recommendation to the Council. Council then holds a public hearing after which it takes action. Public Hearings require a 30 day public notice period.


All engineering plans for site development work on site is reviewed and approved by E&P prior to permits being issued. All work within public right-of-ways and public easements require E&P approval prior to permits being issued. Miscellaneous utility work typically can apply directly for a permit without E&P review and approval.

Once plans for on and off site development improvements have been approved, constructions permits may be applied for with the Permits & Inspection Division. Permits are required for all site development work and work within public ROW's and easements. Applications can be found using this link: Permit Application.

Anyone interested in developing land within the City of Tolleson is especially encouraged to review Chapter 12 - Land Usage of the Tolleson City Code. This chapter contains important information necessary to assist the development team prepare plans for and process developments through the City.

Recommend review of Chapter 12, Chapter 10, and Chapter 9.

If you have additional questions regarding a process or your application, please contact City Hall Customer Service Technicians at (623) 936-7111.

General Information


SENATE BILL 1598 To obtain documents, forms or updated codes/ordinances regarding SB 1598, please follow the links below:
SB1598: City of Tolleson Compliance Review Policy and Waiver Form (Res 2112)
SB1598: Procedural Guide & Timeframes for Conformance
SB1598: Additional Info Questions, Answers & Choices
Zoning Codes and City Ordinances 
* CITY of TOLLESON CURRENT CODES: (No Link) •Building Code - 2018 IBC •Mechanical Code - 2018 IMC •Plumbing Code - 2018 IPC •Residential Code - 2018 IRC •Fire Code - 2018 IFC •Property Maintenance Code - 2018 IPMC •Fuel Gas Code - 2018 IFGC •Energy Code - 2018 IECC •Electrical Code - 2017 NEC •ADA Standards 2010
City of Tolleson Notes and Standards
Final Plat & Lot Split Notes (JUN 2021) *NEW
Fireline Backflow Prevention Assembly
General Notes for Utility Construction 
Grading Notes (APR 2008) 
Pavement Marking Notes (DEC 2011)
Paving Notes (APR 2008) 
Public Works Construction Standards (ORD 595 - 2011 Supplement to MAG Std Specs and Details)
Sewer Notes (APR 2008)
Signing and Striping Notes (APR 2008)
Stormwater Drainage Standards (ORD 507 - Additional Provisions Stormwater Drainage - APR 2011)
Water Notes (APR 2011)
Applications/Links Description
Benchmark Map This map will provide you with information regarding the City of Tolleson benchmarks. 
Development Handbook This handbook details information regarding but not limited to Building Permits, Plan Review, Zoning Site Plan Review Re-Zoning, Variances and Diminution of Value Waiver. 
Fire Department Plan Review Guide for Site Plan Site plans submitted for review and approval.
Wastewater Discharge Survey
This survey will determine your water use and wastewater needs.
Zoning Codes and City Ordinances In order to provide you with the most up to date information regarding City and Zoning Codes this link will take you to the Municipal Code Corporation website. The City of Tolleson Codes and Zoning Codes are current through Ordinance 548 N.S., passed December 9, 2014. Disclaimer: The City Clerk’s Office has the official version of the City of Tolleson City Codes and Zoning Codes. Users should contact the City Clerk’s Office for ordinances passed subsequent to the ordinance cited above.
Zoning Application

This application contains information a zoning variance and SB1598 information. It also includes a Waiver Form.
Zoning Map City of Tolleson zoning map.