Identification At the Vote Centers

Every voter is required to show proof of identity when voting in person. You need a valid government issued ID that includes your name, photo, and the address where you are registered to vote (ex. AZ driver license or tribal ID). If that ID does not match your voter record, you need two forms of ID (A.R.S. § 16-579(A)). 

 A few examples include:

  • Official Election Mail 
  • Bank Statement or Utility Bill
  • Tribal ID with or without photo
  • Voter ID Card 
  • Valid AZ Vehicle Registration or Insurance Card

 Find the full list at GetID.Maricopa.Vote.

If a voter does not have sufficient identification, the voter will be issued a provisional ballot. In order to be a valid and counted ballot, the voter must provide sufficient ID to the County Recorder no later than five business days after the Election.