The City of Tolleson is a nonpartisan municipal jurisdiction with a Mayor and six Council Members elected at-large. The City of Tolleson participates in the consolidated fall election cycle during even numbered years per Arizona Revised Statute. Historically, the candidates who receive the majority of votes cast for an open seat will win the Primary Election and be seated on the Council. Candidates will only go to the General Election if there is a tie requiring a runoff.

The City of Tolleson has seven Council Members, with each Council Member elected for a four-year term. Council Meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at the Tolleson Civic Center, located at 9055 W. Van Buren St., Tolleson, AZ 85353, or via Zoom. The Council’s principal responsibilities include providing a forum for the discussion of issues critical to the Tolleson community, building consensus and adopting new policies. The responsibilities of the City Council are legislative in nature and are accomplished primarily through ordinances, resolutions and motions that define community policies and standards to guide program development and implementation. Council Members have the responsibility of representing the City of Tolleson’s citizens, listening to both their requests and grievances and responding to their needs within the realm of local decision-making powers.

For candidates interested in running for Council, an individual must be 18 years of age or over at the time of filing their nomination papers, live in the City of Tolleson for one year prior to the Election, be able to speak, write and read the English language and be a qualified elector in the State of Arizona. In Arizona, persons are nominated to run for office in the Primary Election by a petition process for nomination. The petition process allows any qualified voter the opportunity of seeking public office. All candidates must file a Statement of Interest with the Clerk’s Office before obtaining the first petition signature on a candidate petition. Any nomination petition signatures collected before the date the Statement of Interest is filed are invalid and subject to challenge. The Nomination Paper is a formal notification directed to the Clerk that the individual intends to seek municipal office. All candidates must file a packet that includes - Nonpartisan Nomination Petition, Nonpartisan Candidate Nomination Paper and the Public Officer and Candidate Financial Disclosure Statement - not earlier than 150 days, nor later than 120 days before the Primary Election.  The required number of signatures of qualified signers is at least 5% and not more than 10% of the total votes cast for Mayor in the last preceding election at which a Mayor was elected. Candidates are required to file a Statement of Organization with the City Clerk within 10 days of receiving contributions or making expenditures, in any combinations, of at least $500 during the election cycle, as well as file multiple Campaign Finance Reports.     

2022 Primary Election Canvass  

Maricopa County voters now have a new place to find critical elections and voter registration information — Elections.Maricopa.Gov.


Voter registration must be accomplished on or before midnight, 29 days before a given election. In order to register to vote in the Election, a person must meet all of the following requirements: a citizen of the United States; a resident of Arizona and the county listed on your registration; 18 years of age or older on or before the next regular General Election; not have been convicted of a felony or treason, unless civil rights have been restored; and ability to write one’s own name or make a mark unless prevented by physical disability. A registered voter should update his/her voter registration records when there has been a change of address, name or party preference.

Online voter registration is available at ServiceArizona.com (a valid Arizona Driver’s License or Arizona State ID is required to register online). Citizens may call the Maricopa County Elections Department at (602) 506-1511 between 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday through Friday, except for legal holidays, to request that a form be mailed to them or to find the location of where to obtain a voter registration form.  Completed forms should be mailed to: Maricopa County Elections Department, 111 South 3rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003. Forms may also be dropped off at MCTEC, 510 S. 3rd Avenue, Ste 102, Phoenix, AZ 85003. Registration forms may be downloaded from the Maricopa County Recorder’s website at here

BeBallotReady.Vote provides Maricopa County voters with a personalized dashboard filled with information to help voters be ballot ready for upcoming elections. Sign in to find your voter registration details, personalized election information, voting history, digital voter ID card and more! And if you are an independent voter, you can make your ballot choice for the Primary Election right on your dashboard. If you’ve moved since the last election or haven’t received any election mail in the last year, visit BeBallotReady.Vote to check your voter registration status and make any updates to your voter information.


With the availability of the E-Qual system from the Secretary of State’s Office, the City of Tolleson has joined the State’s candidate portal that allows municipal candidates to electronically gather signatures on their candidate petitions. As one of the requirements to appear on a ballot, a candidate must obtain a minimum number of qualifying signatures either on a paper petition or using the E-Qual system. A nomination petition is signed by qualified electors and supports the candidacy for nomination of the individual whose name is on the nomination petition. 

In addition to electronic petitions, paper petitions will still be accepted if the candidate wishes to go this route. For candidates who do not wish to use the E-Qual system, the existing hard copy nomination petition process can still be used as an alternate option. The use of the E-Qual System helps Clerks tremendously in streamlining the nomination process. Voter authentication and verification is already completed before petitions are submitted to the Clerk. This system will not allow a voter to sign an incorrect petition where they do not live in the candidate’s district.

E-Qual provides a method for the qualified elector’s identity to be properly identified through the statewide voter registration database. The system requires personal information to access the person’s voter registration record, including first and last name, date of birth, driver’s license number, or the voter registration number and the last four digits of the person’s social security number. Once the voter information is verified, the available petitions are displayed by election for the voter to “sign” by checking on the name of the candidate for whom the person wishes to sign a petition. The voter has an opportunity to confirm the signature and will receive a confirmation number. The voter’s personal information needed to access E-Qual is not shared with any candidate or any candidate committee although the candidate will be able to view the name and address of the voter, similar to a paper petition. 

A Voter Guide is provided here to assist voters with accessing the portal. The voter authentication screen can be accessed here. With E-Qual, it's never been easier. It's simple to use, secure and convenient. Voters can show their support for a candidate from the comfort of their own home or anywhere internet access is available!


Individuals who have signed up to be on the Active Early Voting List (AEVL) within the City of Tolleson who are eligible to vote in the Election will automatically be mailed a ballot beginning 27 days before the Election. You may mail your ballot back or drop it off at any voting location or ballot drop box. The last recommended day to mail your ballot back is seven days prior to the Election. Make sure to sign, date and provide a current phone number on your affidavit envelope. In order to be valid and counted, your voted ballot must be returned in the affidavit envelope provided, signed by the voter and received by the Maricopa County Elections Department no later than 7 P.M. on Election Day. Postmarks DO NOT COUNT. 

Remember, if you’re an independent voter or a voter registered without a party preference, even if you’re on AEVL, you must make a ballot choice if you want a ballot in the mail. These voters can choose a Republican, Democratic or a non-partisan ballot (if available). Voters can make this request at BeBallotReady.Vote.

If you need a replacement ballot, call the Maricopa County Election Department at (602) 506-1511 no later than 5 P.M., 11 days before the Election. 

Individuals who are eligible to vote in the Election and who wish to vote an early ballot in person may appear at any of the Vote Centers located throughout the County beginning 27 days before the Election. On Election Day, voting locations are open from 6 A.M. to 7 P.M. Any qualified voter who is in the line of waiting voters at 7 P.M. shall be allowed to prepare and cast their ballot. Informational pamphlets may be brought to the voting location and may be taken into the voting booth.

From the printer to your mailbox, until it’s counted — know where your ballot is every step of the way. Maricopa County tracks every ballot so voters can have peace of mind knowing their vote was counted. Voters can easily track their ballot by signing up for text or email notifications. Early voters will be notified when your ballot is prepared, mailed, received, verified and counted. In person voters can also see alerts when they cast a ballot at the polls. Tracking your ballot is as easy as texting "JOIN" to 628-683 or by visiting your voter dashboard online at BeBallotReady.Vote. Search for a Vote Center location near you, find hours of operation, view live wait times and ballot drop box locations at Locations.Maricopa.Vote


Maricopa County voters may request braille or large print ballots by calling (602) 506-1511. Voters who need assistance due to a confining illness or disability may request a Special Election Board. Call (602) 506-1511 or email SEB@risc.maricopa.gov for more information and include your full name, residence address, contact information and date of birth for verification purposes. 

Accessible voting devices are available at all voting locations, as well as curbside voting for voters who are unable to leave their vehicle due to physical limitations. Call (602) 506-2307 when you arrive at a voting location. Any voter requiring assistance may also bring a person of the voter’s choice into the voting booth with the following exceptions: a person who is a candidate appearing on the ballot (other than a precinct committeeman candidate) or a person who has been employed by or volunteered for a candidate, campaign, political organization, or political party in that election. At the request of the voter, two Poll Workers of differing political parties may also assist the voter in casting a ballot.


Every voter is required to show proof of identity when voting in person. You need a valid government issued ID that includes your name, photo, and the address where you are registered to vote (ex. AZ driver license or tribal ID). If that ID does not match your voter record, you need two forms of ID (A.R.S. § 16-579(A)). 

 A few examples include:

  • Official Election Mail 
  • Bank Statement or Utility Bill
  • Tribal ID with or without photo
  • Voter ID Card (GetID.Maricopa.Vote)
  • Valid AZ Vehicle Registration or Insurance Card

 Find the full list at GetID.Maricopa.Vote.

If a voter does not have sufficient identification, the voter will be issued a provisional ballot. In order to be a valid and counted ballot, the voter must provide sufficient ID to the County Recorder no later than five business days after the Election.


Election results may be found here: Results.Maricopa.Vote.

There is a formula used to determine whether a candidate has received a majority of the votes cast:
Adding the total number of votes cast for all candidates for an office; dividing that sum by the number of seats to be filled at the election and then dividing the result of that calculation by two and rounding the number to the highest whole number.
Results are not considered "Final" or "Official" until all* of the ballots have been tabulated.
*This includes early ballots received before the election, Election Day ballots voted at the Vote Centers, early ballots dropped off at the Vote Centers and all provisional ballots voted at the Vote Centers.


Public employees cannot use public resources to influence any election at any level of government. (A.R.S. § 9-500.14) Guidelines

For more information concerning upcoming elections, please contact the Tolleson City Clerk’s Office at (623) 936-7111 or the Maricopa County Elections Department at (602) 506-1511.