Do's and Don't - Trash Services

  • Please Bag & Tie: The City of Tolleson code and the Maricopa County Health Department requires that all refuse and green waste prepared for collection be bagged and securely tied to exclude flies and other pests. This includes grass clippings and yard waste. Bagging and tying keeps your container clean and reduces odors.
  • Set your container out for collection by 5:00 am on your collection day.
  • Return the container to your property within 24 hrs after collection.
  • Place your container in the street in front of your house.
  • Keep container within one foot of the curb.
  • Keep container at least ten feet from any obstructions such as; fences, street lights, mailboxes or other containers.
  • Container wheels should be at the edge of the sidewalk or pavement, with the opening facing the street. If there is no curb, place the container at the edge of the street.
  • Keep sidewalks clear for pedestrian and wheelchair access.
Don'ts: Items that cannot be placed in the container include:
  • Large appliances, furniture, water heaters/softeners
  • Hot ashes
  • Construction debris or roof shingles 
  • Large tree limbs
  • Dirt, rocks and concrete and remodeling materials
  • Container should not be blocked by vehicles. If the container is blocked by a vehicle it will not be serviced until the next assigned collection day.