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Community Jobs

  1. Tolleson Community Jobs - Submit a Job

    Are you a licensed Tolleson business with current job openings? Submit your wage-based job postings to be listed on the Tolleson... More…

Economic Development

  1. Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

    How are you currently doing business during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Tolleson Takeout Program

    Provide your restaurant information to be added to the Tolleson Takeout website.


  1. Commercial/Industrial Water Application

    Setting up commercial or industrial water and sewer service. A $150 deposit is required. Please pay online at ... More…

  2. Request to Stop Service

    Turning off water, sewer and sanitation services.

  1. Request for Construction Water (Hydrant Tap)

    Apply for a hydrant meter.

  2. Water Service Change Form

    Update your Water account information such as name, address and contact information.