Why remove Late (Ovedue) Fines?

Studies have shown that overdue fines on library materials have no impact on ensuring that materials are returned on time. What research has shown is that lower income households (which are less likely to have books in the home and have a higher risk of lower literacy skills) are disproportionately affected by overdue fines and are more likely to have blocked library accounts. The potential of accruing a balance of overdue fines can also prevent some customers from checking out books and other materials from Tolleson Public Library.

We are committed to making our library as accessible as possible to those that need it most and want to: 1) bring back library users whose library accounts are blocked due to unpaid overdue fines; and 2) encourage more people to sign up for a library card and use library materials without the fear of incurring overdue fines they cannot afford to pay.

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1. What is changing for Tolleson Public Library customers?
2. Why remove Late (Ovedue) Fines?
3. Will this mean customers will be allowed to indefinitely keep library materials?
4. When will No Late Fines go into effect?
5. What if a customer has lost or damaged an item?
6. Will customers still have to pay fines that were on accounts prior to Tolleson Public Library going fine free?