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Friday, April 2, 2021


Thank you for signing up for the Monthly Tolleson Community Newsletter. This digital publication provides information regarding news, updates and upcoming events in the City of Tolleson. You may also download the PDF version of this newsletter and past publications at

Tolleson Fire Department Administers COVID-19 Vaccines to Community Members and Staff

COVID-19 Vaccine

The City of Tolleson begins to plan to reopen public facilities, the health of the community and staff remains at the forefront. Availability of COVID-19 vaccinations will help determine when facilities reopen. Since COVID vaccines were made available in the United States, providing vaccines in Tolleson has been a priority for Mayor and Council.

The Tolleson Fire Department has obtained approval from the Arizona Department of Health to collaborate with Maricopa County to provide vaccines in Tolleson. On March 23 and 24, vaccines will be administered for members of the Tolleson senior center and staff that currently qualify under county guidelines.

"The collective efforts of our council and staff has been to protect the community and each other to the fullest extent possible. Now thanks to our efforts in combating this pandemic, we are making the vaccine available right here in Tolleson. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and together we will get there," shared Mayor Juan F. Rodriguez.

"I am genuinely proud of the manner by which Team Tolleson has combated the spread of COVI D-19. Given the erraticism of the challenges raised by this pandemic, our staff constantly adapts to the exponential mutation of the virus and its threat to our ability to serve the Tolleson community," stated Tolleson City Manager, Reyes Medrano Jr.

COVID-19 Vaccines Available to Tolleson Residents

Save the Date: April 15

City of Tolleson has partnered with Maricopa County to offer vaccines to residents from 85353 zip code.

Appointments will be required.

Vaccination site:
Arizona Desert Elementary School
8803 W. Van Buren St.
Tolleson, AZ 85353.

More information coming soon. For up to date information regarding this event visit:


Stay Connected with the Virtual Tolleson Talks

Tolleson Talks with Mayor Rodriguez

At the City of Tolleson, we remain dedicated to having conversations with guest speakers from various city departments and making them available to everyone. Mayor Juan F. Rodriguez invites you to take part of the virtual Tolleson Talks to learn about different programs and departments within the City. If you have specific questions for the gust speakers you can submit questions prior to the virtual talks via email at

Tolleson Talks will be hosted virtual on Zoom and residents will be able to attend online and will also be able to call in. Each segment will feature a restaurant as part of the Taste of Tolleson campaign supporting businesses in the Paseo de Luces corridor in Tolleson.

  • April 21
  • Co-Host: Councilmember Lupe Bandin
  • Guest Speaker: SmithGroup - New City Complex Update
  • Taste of Tolleson: El Camaron Gigante

Visit for a link to the virtual Tolleson Talks or email to receive information on how to login.

Virtual T-Town Talks 2021: June 16, August 18, October 20 & December 15

Tolleson Talks with Mayor Rodriguez

Community Health at the Forefront of Council's Priorities

A Vision for a Healthy Mind and Body

SAPE Community Outreach

As a City planning and laying a foundational support for Tolleson families is essential. One of the City of Tolleson's core values focuses on collaboration, to engage all members of the community while working together to accomplish common goals. To develop relationships with community partners that are strategically specific for community members. To engage the community for proactive, ongoing dialog.

Solicitation of our community's solutions to create a network of support and resources is the driving force behind the Mayor and Council's goal to develop a prevention and intervention program. T he Mayor and Council of the City of Tolleson established the Substance Abuse Prevention Education (SAPE) program - a prevention and intervention initiative based on the concept that a healthy mind yields a healthy body.

The program will focus on providing substance abuse information for all generations of Tolleson residents with a variety of information about current substance abuse effects and trends. The primary goal is to identify impacted stakeholders to ask them to share their story, in their own words, to help us all better understand the impacts on the individual, family and the entire community.

"As a council, we understand the importance of safeguarding the mental and physical health of our Tolleson residents. That is why we are looking to partner with various stakeholder groups from within the community to create a holistic program for the betterment of our community," shared Councilmember Lupe Bandin.

We look forward to the roll out of the Substance Abuse Prevention Education (SAPE) program. As we roll out the program, we invite you to visit for updates and to learn how you can get involved.

Do you have COVID-19 Vaccine Questions? Get the Facts

COVID-19 Vaccination Card

There are three C0VID-19 vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson) currently authorized and recommended for use in the United States, and three other vaccines are currently in large-scale clinical trials. To learn about the vaccines visit:

*The following are questions and answers from the CDC that pertain to the PFIZER and M0DERNA VACCINES ONLY: Last Updated Jan. 4, 2021

Can a COVID-19 vaccine make me sick with COVID-19?

No. None of the authorized and recommended COVID-19 vaccines or COVID-19 vaccines currently in development in the United States contain the live virus that causes COVID-19. This means that a COVID-19 vaccine cannot make you sick with COVID-19.

After getting a COVID-19 vaccine, will I test positive for COVID-19 on a viral test?

No. Neither the recently authorized and recommended vaccines nor the other C0VID-19 vaccines currently in clinical trials in the United States can cause you to test positive on viral tests, which are used to see if you have a current infection.

If your body develops an immune response-the goal of vaccination-there is a possibility you may test positive on some antibody tests.

If I have already had COVID-19 and recovered, do I still need to get vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes. Due to the severe health risks associated with C0VID-19 and the fact that re-infection with C0VID-19 is possible, vaccine should be offered to you regardless of whether you already had C0VID-19 infection.

CDC is providing recommendations to federal, state, and local governments about who should be vaccinated first.

Will a COVID-19 vaccination protect me from getting sick with COVID-19?

Yes. C0VID-19 vaccination works by teaching your immune system how to recognize and fight the virus that causes C0VID-19, and this protects you from getting sick with C0VID-19.

Will a COVID-19 vaccine alter my DNA?

No. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way. Messenger RNA vaccines - also called mRNA vaccines - are the first COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the United States. mRNA vaccines teach our cells how to make a protein that triggers an immune response.

The mRNA from a COVID-19 vaccine never enters the nucleus of the cell, which is where our DNA is kept. This means the mRNA cannot affect or interact with our DNA in any way.

Instead, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines work with the body's natural defenses to safely develop immunity to disease.

COVID Testing Site ONLY at Tolleson Veterans Park

COVID-19 testing site

As the COVI D-19 pandemic began a year ago, the City of Tolleson Council and staff focused on bringing convenient testing opportunities to the community.

During the months of June and July of 2020, over 14 testing events were coordinated. To meet the then high demands of COVID testing needs for the community and the entire Southwest Valley, in August of 2020 a 24/7 site staffed by Embry Womens Health was established at Tolleson City Hall. As demands rose, a second site in Tolleson was established at Veterans Park, 8658 W. Van Buren Street.

Now after administering over 100,000 tests and as students return to in-person learning on March 22, Embry Womens Health CLOSES their Tolleson City Hall testing site AND will CONTINUE to offer testing opportunities at Tolleson Veterans Park.

Visit to schedule a COVID-19 test or to learn about possible vaccination opportunities offered by Embry Womens Health.

To learn about other possible vaccination opportunities visit

TVP Covid-19 Testing Schedule

Human Services Updates & Programs

Human Services Department

Tolleson Residential Assistance Available at the Community Action Program Office

As a partner agency of Maricopa County Human Services Department, the Tolleson Community Action Program office offers rental/ assistance and housing programs to households in Tolleson. Learn about the different programs offered at the CAP Office.

Utility/Rental Assistance:

The Community Action program continues to help families in need of rental and utility assistance. Please contact the Tolleson CAP office Monday - Thursday between 8am to 12pm, for assistance at (623)-936-2760.

Water Bill Assistance Provided by Maricopa County Human Services Department:

Maricopa County Human Services Department can assist with past-due water bills. City of Tolleson residents can contact (602)-506-2000. Please leave a voicemail with your name, address and contact information and a case worker from the county will return your call. This program is being administered by Maricopa County Human Services case workers. If you have additional questions/concerns about this program, feel free to contact the Tolleson Community Action Program office at (623)-936-2760.

Housing Programs:

The City's Housing & Revitalization division continues to provide the following services (

  • Home repairs for qualified homeowners (Housing Rehabilitation Program)
  • Demolition of unsafe/dilapidated residential structures (Residential Demolition Program)

For Tolleson homeowners with air conditioning problems, we connect them with Maricopa County's Weatherization program or the new COVID Emergency Heating/Cooling Repair/Replace program.

Career Opportunities

City of Tolleson Careers

Career opportunities with the City of Tolleson are made available online. To view or sign up for job alerts, visit

As of April 1, 2021, the following positions are available:

  • Police Dispatcher
  • Police Officer-Lateral
  • Police Officer-Recruit
  • Volunteer

Tolleson City Council Meetings

City Council Zoom Meetings

  • Tuesday, April 13, 2021
  • Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tolleson City Council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th meeting of every month, unless they fall on a holiday and/or the council is on recess. Currently council meetings are being held virtually. Anyone interested in attending can attend virtually through Zoom OR can also participate via phone.

You may participate with a computer or cell phone by visiting the following direct link:

Alternate Options: 

  • Computer:
    a. Go to
    b. Enter Meeting ID: 543 972 0804
    c. Click Open Zoom
    d. Enter your full name
    e. Click Join with Computer Audio (You will need a microphone or headset on your computer if you wish to speak during a public hearing, or you can join on your phone in addition to the computer.)
  • Telephone: 
    a. Dial 1-253-215-8782
    b. Enter Meeting ID: 543 972 0804
    c. Enter Participate ID or press # to continue
  • Zoom Cloud Meetings App with Cell Phone or Tablet: 
    a. Select Join a Meeting
    b. Enter Meeting ID: 543 972 0804
    c. Enter your full name
    d. Select Join
    e. Select Call using Internet Audio.
    Your audio will be muted to prevent background noise.

Virtual Events at the Tolleson Library

Art class with Katie
Art classes for kids
Music and Movement with Babies
Frank Talks April 2021

Tolleson En Español
Viernes, 2 de abril de 2021

El Departamento de Bomberos de Tolleson administra la vacuna contra COVID-19 a los miembros de la comunidad y al personal de la ciudad

vacuna contra COVID-19

La ciudad de Tolleson comienza a planificar la reapertura de las instalaciones públicas, la salud de la comunidad y el personal se mantiene a la vanguardia. La disponibilidad de las vacunas contra COVID-19 ayudará a determinar cuándo reabrirán las instalaciones. Desde que las vacunas contra COVID estuvieron disponibles en los Estados Unidos, proporcionar vacunas en Tolleson ha sido una prioridad para el Alcalde y el Concejo.

El Departamento de Bomberos de Tolleson ha obtenido la aprobación del Departamento de Salud de Arizona para colaborar con el condado de Maricopa para proporcionar vacunas en Tolleson. El 23 y 24 de marzo, se administrarán vacunas a los miembros del centro para personas mayores de Tolleson y al personal que actualmente califiquen según las pautas del condado.

"Los esfuerzos colectivos de nuestro consejo y personal han sido proteger a la comunidad y a los demás en la mayor medida posible. Ahora, gracias a nuestros esfuerzos para combatir esta pandemia, estamos haciendo que la vacuna esté disponible aquí mismo en Tolleson. Hay una luz al final del túnel y juntos llegaremos ", compartió el alcalde Juan F. Rodríguez.

"Estoy realmente orgulloso de la forma en que el Equipo Tolleson ha combatido la propagación de COVID-19. Dado el carácter errático de los desafíos planteados por esta pandemia, nuestro personal se adapta constantemente a la mutación exponencial del virus y su amenaza a nuestra capacidad para servir a la comunidad de Tolleson ", declaró el administrador de la ciudad de Tolleson, Reyes Medrano Jr.

Actualmente, citas para vacunas no están disponibles. Para obtener la información de COVID-19 más actualizada en la ciudad de Tolleson, visite

Vacunas COVID-19 disponibles para los residentes de Tolleson Reserve la fecha: 15 de abril

La ciudad de Tolleson se ha asociado con el condado de Maricopa para ofrecer vacunas a los residentes del código postal 85353.

Se requerirán citas.

Lugar de vacunación: 
Escuela primaria de Arizona Desert
8803 W. Van Buren St,
Tolleson, AZ 85353.

Más información próximamente.

* Para obtener información actualizada sobre este evento. visite al:


La salud comunitaria a la vanguardia de las prioridades del Consejo, una visión para una mente y un cuerpo saludables.

SAPE Community Outreach

Como ciudad, la planificación y el establecimiento de un apoyo fundamental para las familias de Tolleson es esencial. Uno de los valores fundamentales de la ciudad de Tolleson se centra en la colaboración, para involucrar a todos los miembros de la comunidad mientras trabajan juntos para lograr objetivos comunes. Desarrollar relaciones con socios de la comunidad que sean estratégicamente específicas para los miembros de la comunidad. Involucrar a la comunidad para un diálogo continuo y proactivo.

Solicitar soluciones de nuestra comunidad para crear una red de apoyo y recursos es la fuerza impulsora detrás del objetivo del Alcalde y del Concejo de desarrollar un programa de prevención e intervención. El alcalde y el consejo de la ciudad de Tolleson establecieron el programa de Educación para la Prevención del Abuso de Sustancias (SAPE), una iniciativa de prevención e intervención basada en el concepto de que una mente sana produce un cuerpo sano.

El programa se centrará en proporcionar información sobre el abuso de sustancias para todas las generaciones de residentes de Tolleson con una variedad de información sobre los efectos y las tendencias actuales del abuso de sustancias. El objetivo principal es identificar a las partes interesadas afectadas para pedirles que compartan su historia, en sus propias palabras, para ayudarnos a todos a comprender.

¿Tiene preguntas sobre la vacuna de COVID-19? Conozca los datos.

COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Hay tres vacunas (Pfizer, Moderna y Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 actualmente autorizadas y recomendadas para su uso en los Estados Unidos.

Las siguientes preguntas y respuestas son del CDC: Última actualización: 4 de ene. del 2021

¿Cómo puedo saber qué fuentes de información sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19 son precisas?

Saber qué fuentes de información son confiables puede resultar difícil. Aprenda más sobre cómo encontrar información confiable sobre las vacunas.

¿La vacuna contra el COVID-19 puede hacer que contraiga el COVID-19?

No. Ninguna de las vacunas contra el COVID-19 autorizadas y recomendadas ni las vacunas contra el COVID-19 que actualmente se están desarrollando en los Estados Unidos contiene el virus vivo que causa el COVID-19. Esto significa que las vacunas contra el COVID-19 no pueden hacer que se enferme de COVID-19.

Después de recibir la vacuna contra el COVID-19, ¿daré positivo en la prueba viral del COVID-19?

No. Ni las vacunas recientemente autorizadas y recomendadas ni ninguna otra vacuna contra el COVID-19 que actualmente forme parte de los ensayos clínicos en los Estados Unidos provocan que dé positivo en las pruebas virales, las cuales se utilizan para ver si tiene una infección actual.

Si ya tuve COVID-19 y me recuperé , ¿debo vacunarme de todos modos contra el COVID-19?

Sí. Debido a los riesgos graves para la salud asociados el COVID-19 y al hecho de que existe la posibilidad de reinfectarse por COVID-19, se le debe ofrecer la vacuna más allá de que haya tenido o no infección por COVID-19.

¿Vacunarme contra el COVID-19 me protege de contraer el COVID-19?

Sí. Las vacunas contra el COVID-19 le enseñan a su sistema inmunitario cómo reconocer y combatir el virus que causa el COVID-19, y esto lo protege de contraer el COVID-19.

¿Las vacunas contra el COVID-19 modifican mi ADN?

No. Las vacunas ARNm contra el COVID-19 no modifican ni interactúan con su ADN de ningún modo.

Las vacunas de ARN mensajero - también llamadas vacunas de ARNm - son las primeras vacunas autorizadas contra el COVID-19 en los Estados Unidos.

Para obtener mas informact6n sabre las vacunas, vtsite:

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