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Saturday, May 1, 2021


Thank you for signing up for the Monthly Tolleson Community Newsletter. This digital publication provides information regarding news, updates and upcoming events in the City of Tolleson. You may also download the PDF version of this newsletter and past publications at

City of Tolleson Transitions to Phase Two May 24 Offering Residents Appointments

Tolleson Park and Playground

The City of Tolleson is currently operating under Phase One in its COVID-19 Transition Plan. Phase One has consisted of a virtual delivery service model providing residents, business owners and visitors services while keeping public spaces closed.

As City officials have been tracking the decrease in COVID case rates and vaccination percentages it has been determined that the City will begin to transition to Phase Two beginning May 24 offering in-person services by appointment only.

Below is a snapshot the different service delivery models in each phase. Fluctuation of viral positivity rates could result in a return to a previous phase. Each department will modify their service delivery based on the unique circumstances of their area of responsibility.

For more details on the City's Reopening Phases or other impacts due to COVID, please visit www.Tolleson.AZ.Gov/COVID-19.

City Hall Lobby Services

Phase One - Currently active:
Continue to promote online business

Phase Two - May 24:
Continue to promote online business.
In person by appointment only.

Phase Three:
Lobby in-person services resume: while observing social distance practices and other special accommodations as recommended by the CDC.

Tolleson Public Library

Phase One - Currently active:
Curbside services
Virtual programming
Virtual Summer Reading Program

Phase Two - May 24:
Appointments for browsing and computer use, limit 2 patrons at a time for one hour.
Virtual programming only.
Curbside service continues.

Phase Three:
Open in person services: while observing social distance practices and other special accommodations as recommended by the CDC.

Parks & Recreation Center

Phase One - Currently active:
Virtual programming

Phase Two:
June 1 Virtual programming continues.
In-person classes will be limited to ensure adherence to CDC guidelines on-line programming.
Recreation Center closed to general public.

Phase Three:
Afterschool programming to full capacity.
General use of recreation center resumes all while observing social distance practices and other special accommodations as recommended by the CDC.

Senior Center:

Phase One: Currently active:
Virtual programming continues

Phase Two:
May 24 Virtual programming continues.

Phase Three:
Resume in person services while observing social distance practices and other special accommodations as recommended by the CDC

Special Events:

Phase One - Currently active:
Events Postponed

Phase Two - May 24:
Events Postponed

Phase Three:
Resume modified special events while observing social distance practices and other special accommodations as recommended by the CDC.


 Phase One:
Green spaces are open

Phase Two: Currently active and will remain in place on May 24:
Open for strictly organized team practice for softball/baseball with COVI guidelines. COVID monitor to be provided by the team.
Sport courts reopened.
Multiple parks reopen.
Ramadas remain closed.

Phase Three:
Continue practice only with same Phase Two restrictions.
Ramada reservations resume requiring observation social distance practices and other special accommodations as recommended by the CDC.
Water feature downtown.

May Proclamations in Tolleson

Proclamations in May 2021

May 1 - Loyalty Day

Proclamation declaring May 1, 2021 as Loyalty Day in the City of Tolleson, urging that we affirm our allegiance to our Flag and Country, and that we proudly display our Flag that day as a clear manifestation of our loyalty and patriotism.

In honor of Loyalty Day, Tolleson residents can pick up an American Flag to display in their yards at the Tolleson Public Library 9555 W. Van Buren St. Tolleson, 85353 beginning May 3rd until supplies last.

May 1-7 Teacher Appreciation Week

Proclamation declaring May 3-7, 2021 as Teacher Appreciation Week in the City of Tolleson, expressing deep appreciation to the educators of our community for their steadfast resolve and optimism during a time of uncertainty and frustration, as well as for their unselfish care and education of our children.

In appreciation of the of the teachers and all staff of the schools in Tolleson, the City has provided lunch for all staff Tolleson Union High School.

May 2021 - Building Safety Month

Proclamation declaring May 2021 as Building Safety Month in the City of Tolleson, asking everyone to consider the commitment to improve building safety, resilience and economic investment at home and in the community, as well as to acknowledge the essential service provided to all of us by local and state building departments, fire prevention bureaus and federal agencies in protecting lives and property.

Follow the City of Tolleson on Facebook @cityofTolleson for building safety tips throughout the month of May.

The City uses proclamations to help raise awareness of important issues that impact the community. Visit www.Tolleson.AZ.Gov to learn about City initiatives.

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Available in Tolleson

Moderna Vaccines in Tolleson

City of Tolleson 2021 Drug Initiative

A Vision for a Healthy Mind and Body

SAPE Community Outreach

Council Member Lupe Bandin will be hosting two online neighborhood meetings. Please join to tell us of your experiences, concerns and to help identify the impact of unhealthy and unsafe substance use to our neighborhoods.

6 PM - Monday, May 24, 2021 
Tolleson North, Tolleson South, Tolleson Meadows
Zoom link -

6 PM - Thursday, May 27, 2021 
Tolsun Farms, Villa Rica, Villa Verde
Zoom link -

For more information visit

Everyone in attendance will be entered in a raffle of gift certificates to a Tolleson Restaurant!

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Healthy Mind and Body: Substance Abuse Prevention Education (SAPE) Program is to provide all generations of Tolleson residents with a variety of information about current substance abuse effects and trends.

The Healthy Mind and Body: Substance Abuse Prevention Education (SAPE) Program will safeguard the mental and physical health of Tolleson residents.

Project Notice - 99th Avenue Interceptor

Street Repairs

The 99th Avenue Interceptor extends from Olive Avenue to the 91st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant, through the cities of Avondale, Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix and Tolleson.

This large diameter sanitary sewer carries wastewater primarily to the 91 st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant, which treats approximately 150 million gallons of effluent each day. A smaller portion of flow is discharged to the Tolleson Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix and Tolleson share operating and maintenance costs for this regional interceptor.

The City of Phoenix, on behalf of all four owners, will be assessing the sewer pipe condition in the 99th Avenue Interceptor totaling over 66,000 feet in length. Additionally, 43 manholes/structures located along the entire length of the interceptor will be inspected.

Assessment activities are anticipated to begin in May and continue through November 2021.

Anticipated Assessment Schedule 
May 2021 - November 2021

Traffic Restrictions
Throughout the inspection time period, watch for temporary lane restrictions around crews working on 99th Avenue, Harrison Street, Pima Street, 91st Avenue, and Broadway Road.

2021 assessment activities will include assessing over 66,000 feet of sewer and 43 manholes/structures along the entire length of the interceptor.

Download the official notice to view the map at

We appreciate your support and realize that this project may be of some inconvenience in the short term, but will provide long-term sewer service for you and your neighbors.

Project Information Line: 602-235-2600

Tolleson Street Sweeper Schedule

Street Sweeper Schedule

The Tolleson street sweeper schedule is the first week of every month. All local streets, commercial streets, and major/collector streets are swept the week after Bulk Trash pickup which is the last Wednesday of every month. Remember to move your vehicles from the street the week of to allow sweepers to pass accordingly.

Human Services Updates & Programs

Human Services Department

Maricopa County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

As a partner agency of Maricopa County Human Services Department, the Tolleson CAP office will be able to assist households who have experienced financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please contact the Tolleson CAP office for qualifications. Our intake hours will be performed on Mondays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Eligible households may receive rental and/or utility assistance if they are unable to pay their rent due to a reduction or loss of income, health and safety concern resulting in increased expenses, unexpected increased basic living expenses for individuals 65 years and older, a crisis event that can be supported with documentation, or if a member of their household is currently receiving unemployment benefits. The financial hardship must be directly related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Income eligibility per number of members in the household: 80% Area Median Income (AMI) Annualized

Household Size

  • 1 income $44,250
  • 2 incomes $50,600
  • 3 incomes $56,900
  • 4 incomes $63,200
  • 5 incomes $68,300
  • 6 incomes $73,350
  • 7 incomes $78,400
  • 8 incomes or more $83,400

Required Documentation:

  • Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Applicant Attestation Form
  • Proof of identity of primary applicant
  • Current lease agreement
  • Hard Copy Documentation for Gross Countable Income for the 60 days prior to the date of the interview (All household members)
  • Proof of financial hardship due to COVID-19 Pandemic or hard copy documentation for unemployment benefits
  • Late notice, eviction notice, utility past due notice, or current bills
  • Citizenship is not a requirement

Please contact the Tolleson CAP office at 623-936-2760 for assistance and a staff member will guide you through the application process. All appointments are handled in a first come first served basis.

You must be a Tolleson resident in order to qualify for assistance.

Career Opportunities

City of Tolleson Careers

Career opportunities with the City of Tolleson are made available online. To view or sign up for job alerts, visit

As of May 1, 2021, the following positions are available:

  • Maintenance Technician (Streets)
  • Water Distribution Operator
  • Police Dispatcher
  • Police Officer-Lateral
  • Police Officer-Recruit
  • Volunteer

City Holiday Closures

  • May 31 , 2021 - Memorial Day

Tolleson City Council Meetings

City Council Zoom Meetings

  • Tuesday, May 11, 2021
  • Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tolleson City Council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th meeting of every month, unless they fall on a holiday and/or the council is on recess. Currently council meetings are being held virtually. Anyone interested in attending can attend virtually through Zoom OR can also participate via phone.

You may participate with a computer or cell phone by visiting the following direct link:

Alternate Options: 

  • Computer:
    a. Go to
    b. Enter Meeting ID: 543 972 0804
    c. Click Open Zoom
    d. Enter your full name
    e. Click Join with Computer Audio (You will need a microphone or headset on your computer if you wish to speak during a public hearing, or you can join on your phone in addition to the computer.)
  • Telephone: 
    a. Dial 1-253-215-8782
    b. Enter Meeting ID: 543 972 0804
    c. Enter Participate ID or press # to continue
  • Zoom Cloud Meetings App with Cell Phone or Tablet: 
    a. Select Join a Meeting
    b. Enter Meeting ID: 543 972 0804
    c. Enter your full name
    d. Select Join
    e. Select Call using Internet Audio.
    Your audio will be muted to prevent background noise.

Virtual Events at the Tolleson Library

Art class with Katie
Art classes for kids

Tolleson En Español
Sábado, 1 de mayo de 2021

La ciudad de Tolleson pasa a la segunda fase 24 de Mayo ofrece citas para los residents

Tolleson Park and Playground

La Ciudad de Tolleson está operando actualmente bajo la Fase Uno en su Plan de Transición de COVID-19. La Fase Uno ha consistido en un modelo de servicio de entrega virtual que ha brindado servicios a residentes, dueños de negocios y visitantes mientras se mantenido cerrados los espacios públicos.

Los funcionarios de la Ciudad han estado rastreando la disminución en las tasas de casos de COVID y los porcentajes de vacunación, se ha determinado que la Ciudad comenzará la transición a la Fase Dos a partir del 24 de mayo ofreciendo servicios en persona solo con cita previa.

A continuación se muestra una instantánea de los diferentes modelos de prestación de servicios en cada fase. La fluctuación de las tasas de positividad viral podría resultar en un regreso a una fase anterior.

Cada departamento modificará su prestación de servicios en función de las circunstancias únicas de su área de responsabilidad.

Para obtener más detalles sobre el Plan de transición de la ciudad o otros impactos debido a COVID, visite www.Tolleson.AZ.Gov/COVID-19.

Servicios de lobby del ayuntamiento

Fase uno - Actualmente activo:
Continuar promoviendo el negocio en línea

Fase dos:
Continuar promoviendo el negocio en línea Solo por cita

Fase tres:
Servicios de lobby en persona: mientras observa las prácticas de distancia social y otras adaptaciones especiales recomendadas por los CDC.

Biblioteca pública de Tolleson

Fase uno - Actualmente activo:
Servicios en la acera Programación virtual
Programa de lectura virtual de verano

Fase dos:
Las citas para navegar y usar la computadora, límite de 2 usuarios a la vez durante una hora.
Solo programación virtual. El servicio en la acera continùa.

Fase tres:
Servicios abiertos en persona: mientras se observan las prácticas de distancia social y otras adaptaciones especiales recomendadas por los CDC


Fase uno:
Los espacios verdes están abiertos

Fase dos - Actualmente activo:
Abierto para práctica en equipo estrictamente organizada de softbol / béisbol con las pautas de COVID.
Monitor de COVID a ser proporcionado por el equipo Reapertura de pistas deportivas Reabrirán varios parques
Los ramadas permanecen cerrados

Fase tres:
Continuar practicando solo con las mismas restricciones de la Fase Dos
Las reservas de Ramada continúan requiriendo prácticas de observación de distancia social y otras adaptaciones especiales según lo recomendado por los CDC
Característica del agua en el centro

Centro de parques y recreación

Fase uno - Actualmente activo:
Programación virtual

Fase dos:
La programación virtual continúa
Las clases se limitarán para garantizar el cumplimiento de las pautas de la programación en línea de los CDC.
Centro de recreación cerrado al público en general.

Fase tres: 
Programación extracurricular a plena capacidad
El uso general del centro de recreación se reanuda mientras se observan las prácticas de distancia social y otras adaptaciones especiales recomendadas por los CDC

Centro para personas mayores

Fase uno - Actualmente activo:
El personal de programación virtual * todavía está esperando las vacunas

Fase dos: 
Programación virtual

Fase tres: 
Reanudar el servicio en persona mientras observa las prácticas de distancia social y otras adaptaciones especiales según lo recomendado por los CDC

Eventos especiales:

Fase uno - Actualmente activo:
Eventos aplazados

Fase dos: 
Eventos aplazados

Fase tres: 
Reanudar eventos especiales modificados mientras observa las prácticas de distancia social y otras adaptaciones especiales según lo recomendado por los CDC.

Actualizaciones y Programas de Servicios Humanos

Human Services Department

Programa de Emergencia de Asistencia de Alquiler (ERAP)

Como agencia asociada del Departamento de Servicios Humanos del Condado de Maricopa, la oficina del Programa de Acción Comunitaria de Tolleson podrá ayudar a los hogares que han experimentado dificultades financieras como resultado de la pandemia de COVID-19.

Comuníquese con la oficina del Programa de Acción Comunitaria de Tolleson (CAP) para obtener más información. El personal recibirá llamadas para este programa los lunes de 8:00 a.m. a 4:00 p.m.

Los hogares elegibles pueden recibir asistencia para pagar la renta o utilidades en caso de no poder pagar debido a una reducción o pérdida de ingresos, problemas de salud y seguridad, aumento de gastos básicos de subsistencia para individuos de 65 años o más, un evento de crisis que puede ser respaldado con documentación, o si un miembro del hogar recibe beneficios de desempleo.

Las dificultades financieras deben estar directamente relacionadas con la pandemia COVID-19. Elegibilidad de ingresos por número de miembros en el hogar:

80% Ingresos Medios del Area
 (AMI) Anualizado 

  • 1 ingreso $44,250
  • 2 ingresos $50,600
  • 3 ingresos $56,900
  • 4 ingresos $63,200
  • 5 ingresos $68,300
  • 6 ingresos $73,350
  • 7 ingresos $78,400
  • 8 ingresos or mas $83,400

Documentos Requeridos:

  • Formulario de Certificación del solicitante de asistencia para el Programa de Asistencia de Alquiler
  • Prueba de identidad del Solicitante Principal (ID)
  • Contrato de arrendamiento actual
  • Documentación de ingresos brutos por los 60 días antes de la fecha de solicitud (De todos los miembros del hogar)
  • Prueba de dificultades debido a la pandemia de COVID 19
  • Notificación de atraso en el pago de renta o utilidades, notificación de evicción de vivienda, o facturas actuales
  • (La ciudadanía no es un requisito)

Póngase en contacto con la oficina de Tolleson CAP al 602-936-2760 para obtener ayuda y un miembro del personal lo guiará a través del proceso de solicitud. Todas las citas se manejan por orden de llegada. Debe ser residente de Tolleson para calificar para recibir asistencia.

Vacunas COVID-19 Moderna Disponibles en Tolleson

vacunas COVID-19 de Moderna en Mayo 2021

Iniciativa contra las drogas 2021 de la ciudad de Tolleson

SAPE Community Outreach

La concejal Lupe Bandin organizará dos reuniones vecinales en línea. Únase para contarnos sus experiencias, inquietudes y para ayudar a identificar el impacto del uso de sustancias nocivas e inseguras en nuestros vecindarios.

6 PM - Lunes 24 de mayo de 2021 
Tolleson Norte, Tolleson Sur, Tolleson Meadows
Enlace de zoom:

6 PM - Jueves 27 de mayo de 2021
Tolsun Farms, Villa Rica, Villa Verde
Enlace de zoom:

Para obtener más información, visite

¡Todos los asistentes participarán en una rifa de certificados de regalo para un restaurante en Tolleson!

Estado de la misión:
La misión del Programa Mente y Cuerpo Sanos: Educación para la Prevención del Abuso de Sustancias (SAPE) es proporcionar a todas las generaciones de residentes de Tolleson una variedad de información sobre los efectos y las tendencias actuales del abuso de sustancias.

Visión: El programa Mente y Cuerpo Sanos: Educación para la Prevención del Abuso de Sustancias (SAPE) protegerá la salud mental y física de los residentes de Tolleson.

Aviso de proyecto - El interceptor de la Avenida 99

Road construction barricade

El Interceptor de la avenida 99 se extiende de la avenida Olive a la planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales de la Avenida 91 y atraviesa las ciudades de Avondale, Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix y Tolleson.

Este alcantarillado sanitario de gran diametro conduce las aguas del alcantarillado principalmente a la planta de tratamiento de la avenida 91 en la cual se procesan aproximadamente 150 millones de galones de aguas residuales cada dia. Una porción menor de estas aguas es retirada en la planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales de Tolleson.

Las ciudades de Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix y Tolleson comparten los costos de operación y mantenimiento de este interceptor regional.

La ciudad de Phoenix, en nombre de los cuatro propietarias, evaluara el estado de la tuberia de alcantarillado en el Interceptor de la Avenida 99 con un total de mas de 66,000 pies de longitud. Se inspeccionaran 43 alcantarillas / estructuras situadas a lo largo de toda la longitud del interceptor.

Se preve que las actividades de evaluación comiencen en mayo y continuen hasta noviembre de 2021.

Mayo 2021 - Noviembre 2021

A lo largo del perfodo de tiempo de inspección, este atento a las restricciones temporales de carriles alrededor de los equipos que trabajan en la Avenida 99, Harrison Street, Pima Street, Avenida 91, y Broadway Road.

Las actividades de evaluación de 2021 incluiran la evaluaci6n de mas de 66,000 pies de alcantarilla y 43 alcantarillas/estructuras a lo largo de toda la longitud de/ interceptor.

Haga clic en este enlace para descargar el mapa.

Apreciamos su apoyo y sabemos que este proyecto puede causar algunos inconvenientes a corto plazo, pero dara beneficios de un mejor sistema de alcantarillado sanitario a largo plaza a usted y sus vecinos.

Linea de informacion del proyecto - 602-235-2600.

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City Manager Reyes Medrano, Jr.

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