The Utilities Department oversees the delivery of water and wastewater services to the residents of Tolleson, as well as wastewater services to the nearby city of Sun City.

The City of Tolleson Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is owned and operated by the City of Tolleson. The WWTP is currently rated at 17.5 mgd and has both liquids and solids treatment trains. Influent wastewater to the WWTP tends to be high strength as the City’s sewer collection system is dominated by commercial and industrial wastewater discharge sources. The plant’s liquids train employs a treatment process consisting of primary sedimentation, 2-stage trickling filters with integral intermediate sedimentation and sludge reaeration systems, secondary sedimentation, nitrified effluent recycle and disinfection. The plant’s solids train uses an anaerobic digestion treatment process to treat the primary and secondary sedimentation waste streams. Sludge from the digesters is thickened and sent to 54 onsite sludge drying beds with dried sludge cake subsequently disposed via land application or to a landfill.

WWTP Address: 9501 W. Pima Street, Tolleson, AZ 85353

Aerial image of Tolleson Waste Water Treatment Plant Filtration System