Water & Sanitation: Set Up & Payment 

The Tolleson Civic Center is open Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

The Finance Department has bilingual staff members available at the Tolleson Civic Center, 9055 W. Van Buren St., Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
These staff members are available to assist residents with the following services and can be reached at 623-936-7111 or in person:

  • Setting up and shutting off residential utility services (water, sewer and sanitations services)
  • Questions regarding City of Tolleson utility bills
  • Requesting access to alley ways
Recent Updates:

Garbage and Recycling Changes: Tolleson Residential Customers - Waste & Recycling Changes
 The City of Tolleson is pleased to announce online bill pay. 
Step-by-step Utility Billing Account Set up - Info

PayYourBillOnline: Click Here


Tolleson Online Pay - Page 1
Utility Applications Applications are used for the following... 
Sure Pay - Automatic Payment By signing up for Sure Pay, your monthly utility bill will be automatically paid from your bank account on the statement DUE date. 
No more checks, stamps or late fees.  
To enroll, please fill out the SURE PAY Authorization form attach a voided check and mail it to the Civic Center, 9055 W. Van Buren St. Tolleson, AZ 85353.  

Residential Utility Application Setting up residential water, sewer and sanitation services.
Commercial Application Setting up commercial water and sewer service.
Industrial Application Setting up industrial water and sewer service.
Hydrant Meter Application Both forms must be completed and submitted to finance department to apply for a hydrant meter. 
Request to Stop Service Form Turning off water, sewer and sanitation services.
Alley Access  To gain access to the alleys that have a pole obstructing entrance, residents would need to come to City Hall and submit the 
Alley access form. City of Tolleson staff can temporarily unlock the lock located on the alley bollard. If a resident would like to
obtain key for the ally bollard, please complete form and return to City Hall. The first key is free, the second is $5, and the
third is $25. Only the resident whose name appears on water account (bill) would be able to request a key.
Name Change Changing name on a water bill for reason but not limited to: marriage, death, divorce and/or legal name change, ect.
Mailing Address Change Changing the address for receiving utility bills
Current water and sewer rates. *Rates are subject to change, and will be updated*
Water Deposits & Water Service On and Off Fees
Residential Deposit $120.00
Government, Commercial and Industrial Deposit: $150.00

Water Service Turn off Fee: $20.00
Water Service Turn on Fee: $20.00